Friday, April 12, 2019


I've always thought voxel type games were such a cool idea. Many years ago (around 2010) I wrote basic marching tetahedrons code and was tinkering with a basic engine, but it never got very far. A bit after that, I learned about Minecraft. This was back in the Alpha days, but I still loved that game so much. It did so much of what I wanted in an open world creative building time game, and it was so exciting to see how well a game like that could actually work.

Ever since then, I've tinkered with making cube type engines from time to time, but never got very far. Recently, I decided to create VR Sand (a falling sand/powder toy type game), and my design decisions ended up leading me to understanding quite a bit about how to render large amounts of cube efficiently. I realized that similar code could be used for a blocky type engine (in Unity), and decided to get started. This blog will be documenting the progress on making a game/engine of sorts. I don't really have any major goals, this is just something I really enjoy making so I figured I'd see wherever it goes. My code is all open source, you can find it at


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Rendering Lots of Blocks Efficiently in Unity

The last few weeks I've spent trying to see how many blocks I can render, while keeping everything at a nice frame rate (30-60fps) with ...